Biofloc Fish Farming

Start A New Business  Even In Your Backyard Or On Your Rooftop With A Handful Money. 

What Is Biofloc?

Biofloc Technology Is A Fundamental Approach To Increase The Production Of Fish In A Very High Density And Maintain Water Quality For Better Ecological Performance of Aquaculture.

Biofloc Technology

our team Member

ranjit singh

Ranjit Singh


A innovative engineer that has been designing innovative module for startups. Ranjit can design modules for any kind of startups , so you will have the very best work of his life.

jiten murmu

Jiten Murmu


Jiten has a degree in  Hotel management and Food safety. He begins his career as a farmer with his new techniques which are develop by him.

jayant giri

Jayant Giri


If there’s someone who can fix anything technical whether it is electrical or fitting, Jayant is the one. He even explain you not just how to do something, but why to do it.

Biofloc Fish Tank

We know that every body know about plastic tank and concrete tank. This two kind of tanks is generally used in biofloc fish tank.

  • The plastic tank is not stand for long time and durability is less.
  • The concrete tank is very durable but its not so economical for every farmer or any one how just want to work in aquaculture business.
  • But there is solution for the tank which is durable and very economical, of-course it made up of cement. contact us to know how to make that type of tank. 

Biofloc Equipment

In Biofloc system we have to maintain the best water quality for our Aquaculture. So we need some equipment for that. Some of the equipment is Ring blower, aeration tube, stone diffuser, silicon pipe, uPVC pipe etc.


Our Biofloc Farm Details

1.2 lac liters

Water Capacity


Number Of Tanks

8 ton

Production Capacity

4000 Sq.Fit.

Farm Area

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Join our Journey and start building your own career with Biofloc today. We make sure every steps is easily understood, and that our journey reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s Biofloc Technology.

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