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What Is Farming shed for Biofloc System

Biofloc is an indoor fish farming system, so it required farming shed to control the temperature parameters and help to protect from outside disturbances to the Biofloc tanks and fish culture. Fish farming with Biofloc system, temperature plays a crucial role in the water preparation, floc development, and maintaining all parameters so it required farming shed.

Why farming shed required

Farming sheds protect the Biofloc system from natural climatic problems like heavy storms and rain. It also protects from sunlight during the summer season and helps in controlling the temperature. When in winter season temperature decreases, it also protects from cold air not enter in the shed so the temperature of our Biofloc tank maintains.

farming shed
Low cost farming shed and also control Temperature

Main reasons to have a farming shad.

To Avoid Climatic Disturbance

To avoid Climatic disturbance during Biofloc fish farming or any kind of farming one must set up a farm shed. climatic disturbance like heavy rain, storm, animal invaded, outsider, etc can cause so many problems.

Temperature control become easier

Farming Shed helps us to control the temperature in the Biofloc system.

In the summer season when the temperature goes up that time farm shed helps to keep the temperature down. so the Biofloc system runs safely.

In winter season growth of fish stops because of the cold water. At that time also farm shed help to keep the farm warmer than the outside temperature.

Provide bio-security to the farm

Biofloc fish farming needs some safety, cleanness, and bacterial free area. when we do Biofloc fish farming, we have to care about the disease in fish.

The farming shed provides us the bio-security to our Biofloc system.

Farming shed Protect From Rain

In rainy season continuous rain occurs. Due to this an open Biofloc fish culture may be destroyed because rainwater takes develop floc way. And the Biofloc system takes some time to get back to fully operational. By this the chances of increasing ammonia in our Biofloc tank increase and that why we need farm shed.

How to do the planning for farming shed construction

planning for farming shed construction
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Shed construction really required complete planning. Because so many think we have to keep in mind such as cost, material, design, operational space, etc. Main planning for shed construction are as follow:

Economical Planning of shed material and installation

We have to calculate the cost of material and also the installation cost. By keeping it in mind we can desire which type of shed we can make for our Biofloc system.

Other economics also can impact our Biofloc project such as land, equipment, labor cost for construction.

Design Planning

Our design should be like outsider people should not come near our Biofloc tank for bio-security reasons.

Passage design for the movement of workers throughout the shed should be easy.

The design should also include a storage room for feeding material, pump room, and other space for equipment.

Our design must have solution to aeration system line management.


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