Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

If you’ve quite recently begun a website or your blogging profession, you probably won’t realize how web search engines function and how to show your site in the Google list items to direct people to your blog.

You can demonstrate your site in Google search easily for nothing and you can assist Google with finding your blog. Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

To do that, you should think about Google Search Console (prior known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Google Search Console is a free apparatus offered by Google which encourages you to show your site in Google query items. It also helps to index and crawling URL of your website.

This instrument additionally encourages you to enhance the crawling rate of your blog.

All you need to do are a couple of straightforward things.

As a matter of first importance, you’ve to check in Google Search Console that you’re the proprietor of the site.

If you didn’t added your website or blog.

First add your website or blog to webmaster.

also How to setup Bing Webmaster Tools.

What’s more, the second and most vital assignment is to present your blog/site sitemap to Google Search console.

Here, I will direct you through well-ordered strategies about how to submit site sitemap to Google webmaster instruments.

In any case, before that, we have to comprehend what really a sitemap is, and for what reason is it essential for your blog to present a sitemap.

Now, how about we begin Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

What is Sitemaps

A sitemap is an XML document which contains the rundown of all pages and posts in your blog. Sitemap enhances blog’s crawling rate and it additionally causes web search tools to index our blog pages.

There are different parts of a sitemap that influence the crawling rate of your blog, for example, the extent of your sitemap, the number of URLs in your sitemap, ordering need of pages on your blog, updating frequency, and so on.

Presently, that you think about sitemap and its significance, how about we proceed onward to the further advances to submit the sitemap to search console.

Steps to Add Sitemap

Step 1: Sign in to your Google search console.

Step 2Select the website or blog for which you wish to submit the sitemap.

If you didn’t submit your site to Google search console, first you need to add your website or blog to Google webmaster.

Step 3: At the left sidebar of the page, click on Sitemaps.

Submit Sitemap of Your Blog to Google Search Console.

Step 4: Now, Add a new sitemap and click on submit.


The new generation sitemap codes for your website or blog that you need to add.


This are some other sitemap, in case you need according to your website or blog.

Step 7: Reload the page.

Congratulation! Now you have finished the process of submitting your website’s sitemap.

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