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Many people don’t know what is Biofloc? Basically Biofloc is a new technology that is related to Aquaculture systems. It made of two words, one is a ‘BIO’ which can also be called biological and the other is ‘FLOC’ which means a group or a colony of bacteria.

Biofloc technology allows us to do high-density production Aquaculture animals at relatively limited space and limited water resources. All Aquaculture system needs water exchange but in this Biofloc system we do “ZERO WATER EXCHANGE”.

“ZERO WATER EXCHANGE” means no need for extra running water to maintain the quality of water by exchanging some water.

No need for water exchange in Biofloc technology because of ‘HETEROTROPHIC BACTERIA’. This bacteria converts all waste materials into protein and further consume by Aquatic animal or fish. Heterotrophic bacteria convert waste material into a protein with the help of additional carbon source. Those waste materials are dissolved feed, solid waste material, and compound product produce by fish. The converted protein consumed by Aquatic animals or fish.

Comparing all other Aquaculture systems, Biofloc technology is best and simple which is very economical in terms of space and water source.

What Is Biofloc?

Why Biofloc System?

  • Required less land
  • Required limited water resources
  • Better efficiency to increase Nutrition value

Required less land

Biofloc System required less land because of its Production Density. In this system, high seed stocking in a low volume of water which takes less space. Because of the Areriation system and other factors, stocking fish in high density is possible which decreases the requirement of bigger lands.

Required limited water resources

As we discussed above the Biofloc system performs “zero water exchange”. This system can be run with fewer water resources. Biofloc technology required less water to stock fish in high density.

water exchange is required when the water in the fish tank becomes dirty because of the fish waste and other material. But in the Biofloc system, we develop a colony of heterotrophic bacteria. This bacteria converts all the organic waste material into organic protein and this protein further consumed by the fish.

Better efficiency to increase Nutrition value

Biofloc system is more beneficial to the Aquatic animal as we discovered that the system increases the nutrition value for the fish or aquatic animals.

Floc(a colony of heterotrophic bacteria) produces digestive enzyme for the fish which again increase the Nutrition value. Other than the improve nutrition value, floc also help in controlling diseases and improve the immunity system of fish

Our main Objectives

Our main objective is to explore the new possibility to improve aquaculture production with reasonable experiments. Because of Biofloc technology, High production of aquatic animals can be achieved. Stocking a good quality seed, developing a better environment for the aquatic animal in which the grow without any stress and providing optimized food supplements and nutrition to ensure maximum growth rate.


I am a technology enthusiast. I am currently doing fish farming with the help of Biofloc technology which is related to a new kind of Agrotech business. Biofloc technology is mainly subjected to Aquaculture and Aquaponics. Hello, My name is Ranjit Singh behind loudmeout.com

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